About Zoogloea

Zoogloea is a special state of bacterial cells when their capsules become slimy and form gelatinous structures or films.

Zoogloea consists of polysaccharides, sometimes with an admixture of nitrogenous compounds. It is inherent only in some (mainly water) bacteria, particularly in the Zoogloea ramigera genus.
Zoogloea can have a dactylic, coral-like, mesenterial or other form.
Apparently, emergence of Zooglea has an adaptive character: thanks to its slimy consistence adsorption of the nutrients from water that are necessary for existence of bacteria is easily carried out.

There are a lot of Zoogloea types in nature, however, only three of them are domesticated and studied at most:

All three Zoogloeas are absolutely different cultures with their own features and constitutions.
Properties of all Zoogloeas are different; the only thing combining them is a presence of acetic-acid bacteria.