It is strange but for some reason everything nutritious and useful is unfairly forgotten by us. One of such examples is Kombucha. Probably, many could hear this name since the childhood, but unfortunately, have forgotten over time. We will try to remind you what Kombucha is, to tell about its medical properties and the technology of cultivation and care. But letТs begin in order. For those who hear of Kombucha for the first time we will try to give a definition of this concept.

Kombucha is an organism representing the result of acetic bacteria and yeast interaction. It looks like a mucous cap, partly therefore it also has the name of Kombucha Mushroom. Kombucha needs a constant and persistent care. Today scientists have proved Kombucha possesses curative properties, thus it positively influences bowels, makes it possible to recover quicker after catching cold, to ease pain in inflamed urinary system and also it is useful in various injuries, bruises and burns. Certainly, Kombucha is not panacea but contestation of its curative properties is just impossible. Besides Kombucha infusion is the fine drink permitting to satisfy thirst and give strength and tone for the whole day.

Unfortunately today Kombucha is not virtually used in home conditions. There are a lot of reasons for it. Many people simply forgot about the preparation recipe, others could not look after the infusion, or care was above their bend. Certainly, not everyone likes Kombucha, many are alienated by its sourish-sweet taste, but others are delighted with it. The main problem is care for the infusion. But first of all it is necessary to see to the infusion preparation. For this purpose you will need Kombucha itself, sugar, tea and water. Kombucha needs the constant care. Firstly, make sure that infusion water has the right temperature. It is not allowed to put Kombucha in cold or hot water, it can break the process and your care will turn out to be harm. Secondly, when moving Kombucha to a jar, by no means damage its structure as it may fall ill. Care is compulsory and must be especially thorough. Thirdly, after you immerse Kombucha into the infusion, try to find a place out of direct sun and remember Kombucha needs a constant care.

One more important point is necessity to cover Kombucha with gauze or any other thin cloth. It prevents Kombucha from parasites. Care is necessary for it and if you have firmly decided to take it upon yourself never forget about these key rules.