Tibicos. Combination of Taste and Usefulness

Probably, many our readers could never hear about such concept as Tibicos. Naturally, some heard it almost for the first time, others could hear the definition "Tibicos" or "Tibicos mushroom", but only few could taste this wonderful drink. But lets not anticipate but talk about what the Tibicos are. Actually, the Tibicos are fungus formation which has no attitude to plants growing on earth. As to the name it is said that Mother Therese of Calcutta once traveled to Tibet and met the monks and masters of that region who gave her these substance, hence the name is Tibicos.

Though many people think rather sceptically of curative properties of zoogloeas, scientists proved long ago that Tibicos are not only nutritious but also rather useful drink containing vinegar bacteria. They promote digestion and also protect an organism from a various sort of infectious diseases. Besides, Tibicos are irreplaceable when the weather is hot, and one glass of the infusion will be enough to forget about thirst for a long time. Moreover, Tibicos have a pleasant sourish-sweet taste which for certain will be loved by fans of kvass. But do not be carried away a lot.

When preparing an infusion it is important enough to find time to take care of the Tibicos. First of all, see to a special vessel, for example, a two-liter jar will do very well. Measure off a pair of table spoons of Tibicos and the same quantity of sugar which should be dissolved in warm water. Be careful and by no means allow the Tibicos grains to mix with sugar particles. It can lead to spoiling of your infusion and illness of the Tibicos. If you are careful and patient, your efforts will be rewarded. The Tibicos will be an excellent drink and unfailing remedy for illnesses.