Tibicos, preparing the infusion

For preparing an infusion for Tibicos we need (see Picture 1):

Picture 1

  • 1 l of pure potable water
  • 3 table spoons of sugar
  • Pure washed dried fruit, raisins or dried apricots in a small amount of 3 - 4 pieces
  • A glass jar and medical gauze in 4 layers
  • Tibicos proper

For the beginning it is necessary to solve sugar in water completely. Watch lest sugar should get on the Tibicos. It may be burned and fall ill!

We wash out the Tibicos
Picture 2

Wash thoroughly the Tibicos grains with cold water (Picture 2).

Sea rice is placed in bank
Picture 3

Carefully put the Tibicos into the jar with sweet water (Picture 3).

We cover with a gauze, we add dried fruits
Picture 4

Add dried fruit and cover the jar with the gauze.

We put in a silent light place, without direct solar beams
Picture 5

Put the jar with the Tibicos in a quiet light place out of direct sun (Picture 5). Let it draw for 2 days. Sharp in 2 days take the dried fruit out and throw it away. Pour out the infusion through the gauze. Wash the Tibicos well and do the above again according to the given instruction.

Attention: while working with Tibicos and the infusion use a stainless spoon or alimentary plastic only, do not use cupronickel, silver or aluminum. Tibicos may be kept in a glass jar only! Store the ready infusion in the refrigerator no more than 2 days.