Kefir Making

For kefir making by means of Tibetan milk mushroom we need (see Picture 1):

Components for preparation of kefir
Picture 1

  • 1 l of cows milk, it is desirable the pasteurized and not powdered one.
  • A glass jar and medical gauze in 4 layers.
  • Tibetan milk mushroom (Kefir mushroom) itself.

We wash out the Tibetan dairy mushroom in cold water
Picture 2

Wash the Tibetan milk mushroom in cold water (Picture 2).

Milk and The Tibetan milk mushroom
Picture 3

Pour the milk into the jar (Picture 3).

The Tibetan milk mushroom it is accurately placed in jar with milk
Picture 4

Carefully put the milk mushroom into the jar of milk (Picture 4).

We cover with a gauze
Picture 5

Cover the jar with the gauze and fix the gauze with an elastic band (Picture 5).

We put in a silent light place, without direct solar beams
Picture 6

Put the jar with the Tibetan milk mushroom in a quiet light place out of direct sun (Picture 6). Let it make sour within 24 hours provided that 2 teaspoons of Tibetan milk mushroom culture are used. If you use more of it milk is made sour faster. In 24 hours filter the kefir obtained through a sieve or a colander with small meshes and do the above again according to the given instruction.

The ready kefir becomes tastier if it is placed in the refrigerator and left there for 5 - 6 hours. Afterwards shaking up is compulsory.

Attention: Contain the Tibetan milk mushroom in a glass jar only! Store the ready kefir in the refrigerator no more than 2 days.